Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Happy Halloween!!!!!!!!

Jimmy and I helped plan and put together the Sandia Ward Halloween Party on Friday the 31st. We had a picnic style dinner with a magic show followed by a costume parade. Then the kids were released to have fun at 9 different carnival booths set up around the cultural hall. After all that fun we headed out to the parking lot for the Trunk-R-Treat.

Here is our Halloween outfits:

1.Jimmy's Costume: Face paint with pendent- $0.25
Hair spray, black & white - $0.96
Cape - $1.25
Red Tuxedo waist strap - $0.99
2. Beth's Costume: Face paint with nose - $0.25
Hat with hair - $0.97
Dress - $3.50
Socks - $2.00
3. Kennedy's Costume: Free
The fun we had......priceless!!!!
Jimmy ran the Cotton Candy say least it was a big hit!
Kennedy wasn't too interested in treat-or-treating, she had much more fun standing in the back of the truck watching all the kids come by.

Kennedy won the "cutest kid ever" award at the costume parade. I introduced her and then set her on the stage to have her crawl across, everyone laughed when she did. I wish I had the video camera out then but I didn't, so I video her after. She was really cute in that costume!


the Hess' said...

awww. So much fun. Glad to see you finally updated your blog. Such a cute family. YOu two sure look scary.

Dan and Lacy King said...

I am glad you guys had so much fun... and for so little money! And of course she is a cute girlie!

Kennedy said...

She won "the cuttest baby ever" award because she's probably the only cute baby in New Mexico. This is Erin by the way and my wonderful, perfect, extremely attractive husband had no influence over my opinions and comments what so ever.

Britt n Bran Arnow said...

wow, I'm impressed with the costumes! was that Katelyn's unicorn costume? Kennedy looks so dang cute in it. I miss you guys! I wish we could be there for thanksgiving but I can't wait until we see you in Dec. for Christmas! Love you!

Dan and Lacy King said...

Hey my blog is going private, please send me the email you use for your blog so I can add it to the OK list, you can either put it in my comments, or you can email me at THANKS